Gold Lane

Gold Lane

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the Gold Lane is one of the five player roles, alongside EXP Lane, Jungler, Mid Lane, and Roamer. The Gold Laner is typically a Marksman hero, but some Mages, Fighters, and Assassins can also be viable in this role. The primary objective of the Gold Laner is to acquire gold as quickly as possible, allowing them to purchase items and scale well as the game progresses. They are responsible for dealing damage to enemy heroes and turrets, and they play a crucial role in teamfights.

This lane is far from the first Turtle and suits the players who like farming.

Lane Name: Gold Lane
Suitable for: 1 – 2 players
Siege Minions with Extra Gold: 10 waves

Gold Lane Details

Marksmen rely on equipment and are recommended to farm in the Gold Lane.

Despite their weak early game, Marksmen can take advantage of the extra Gold from the special siege minions to purchase equipment faster and provide high sustained damage for their teams in the late game.

Gold Lane is the side lane away from the first Turtle’s spawn location.

Unit Sight

Each minions grant sight over surrounding 8 units but cannot detect enemies in the bush or the Camouflage state.

Minions Abilities

Gold Rush: The first waves of siege minions grant 35% extra Gold.

Rapid March: Side-lane minions have higher movement Speed.

Surging Moral: Minions gain 10 extra movement speed per minute.

Charging Horn: Once the enemy’s Base Turret is destroyed, stronger Super Minions will begin to spawn in the corresponding lane.

Gold Lane Story

The giant Cryoturtle absorbed too much energy and exploded, affecting the entire battlefield.

In order to lean lessons, the minions in the disaster-stricken area nearby carried heavy historical scrolls on their backs, hoping to gain valuable experience from them and prepare for the disaster to coma again; and the distant areas were not affected by the crisis. A lot of gold and gems scattered, trigging a gold rush among the minions. The same battlefield different encounters, is this just “two sides of the same coin”?

Responsibilities of the Gold Laner

  • Farm efficiently: The most important task of the Gold Laner is to farm minions and jungle creeps to gain gold and experience. This is essential for purchasing items and leveling up to become more powerful.
  • Secure objectives: The Gold Laner should also participate in securing objectives such as turtles and turrets. These objectives provide additional gold and experience for the entire team, and they can also help to open up the map and create opportunities for ganks.
  • Protect the team: The Gold Laner is usually one of the most powerful heroes on the team, so it is important for them to protect their teammates from enemy ganks and assassins. They should also be careful not to overextend and get caught out of position.
  • Deal damage: The Gold Laner is responsible for dealing the majority of the team’s damage in the late game. They should use their skills and items to attack enemy heroes and turrets, and they should always be looking for opportunities to pick off squishy targets.

Tips for Playing as a Gold Laner

  • Choose the right hero: Not all heroes are well-suited for the Gold Lane. Marksman heroes are typically the best choice, but some Mages, Fighters, and Assassins can also be viable.
  • Practice farming: Efficient farming is essential for success as a Gold Laner. Practice last-hitting minions in the early game to maximize your gold income.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: The Gold Lane is often the target of ganks, so it is important to be aware of your surroundings and position yourself carefully.
  • Communicate with your team: Let your teammates know if you are being ganked or if you need help securing objectives.
  • Don’t give up: The Gold Laner is a challenging role, but it can also be very rewarding. Don’t give up if you fall behind in the early game. Just keep farming and playing smart, and you will eventually become a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Best Heroes for Gold Lanes