Roam Lane

Roam Lane

In the fast-paced and strategic world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the Roam Lane, also known as the Support Lane, plays a pivotal role in shaping the game’s outcome. Unlike the other lanes, which focus on farming and individual prowess, the Roam Lane revolves around teamwork, adaptability, and tactical decision-making.

Name: Roam Lane
Suitable: 1 Player

Roam Lane Details

Supports and Tanks don’t rely on equipment and are recommended to Roam to better protect their allies during the laning phase.

Equipped with either strong engage or buff skills, Supports and Tanks need to look for the right timing on to initiate teamfights to lead their teams to victory.

Roaming Equipment is also recommended, as it allows their allies to enjoy full rewards from minions and creeps and grants bonus Gold and Exp.

Holding the group is the fate of many soldiers; while traveling around is the choice of another group of brave men. There is a group of kind and fearless brave men who have abandoned the safety guarded by the turrets, given away their own wealth and power, and explored the unknown without fear of difficulties. They fought without seeking fame and fortune, or dared to sacrifice as the vanguard, or worked hard and dedicate everything, just to protect the teammates around them to see the dawn of victory.

Responsibilities of the Roam Laner

  1. Support and Assist: The Roamer’s primary duty is to support and assist their teammates across the map. This includes providing crowd control abilities, healing, and shielding to protect allies and turn the tide of battles.
  2. Map Awareness and Vision Control: The Roamer acts as a guardian of the map, actively scouting for enemy movements and placing wards to provide vision for the team. This crucial information allows for strategic ganking opportunities and defense against surprise attacks.
  3. Initiation and Ganking: The Roamer often initiates team fights and ganks, using their crowd control and utility skills to set up opportunities for their teammates to secure kills and objectives.
  4. Objective Control: The Roamer plays a significant role in securing objectives such as turtles and turrets, providing support and protection during these crucial moments.
  5. Adaptability and Flexibility: The Roamer must be adaptable and flexible, adjusting their playstyle and item choices based on the team’s composition and the game’s flow.

Tips for Playing as a Roam Laner

  1. Choose the Right Hero: Select a hero who excels in providing support, has strong crowd control abilities, and can effectively roam the map.
  2. Prioritize Vision Control: Place wards strategically to gain vision of key areas, such as jungle entrances and objective locations.
  3. Communicate Effectively: Keep your teammates informed about enemy movements and potential ganking opportunities.
  4. Coordinate with the Jungler: Work closely with the jungler to plan ganks and secure objectives.
  5. Protect Your Teammates: Prioritize protecting your teammates from enemy attacks, especially those carrying crucial items or objectives.
  6. Item Choices: Choose items that enhance your support capabilities, such as roaming boots, magic defense items, or healing items.
  7. Positioning: Position yourself carefully during team fights, using your skills to disrupt enemy formations and protect your carries.
  8. Know When to Engage: Assess the situation before engaging in team fights, ensuring your team has a clear advantage.
  9. Learn from Mistakes: Reflect on your mistakes and adjust your playstyle accordingly to improve your roaming skills.
  10. Embrace Teamwork: The Roamer’s success is deeply intertwined with the team’s performance. Communicate effectively, support your teammates, and work together to achieve victory.