Jungle Lane

Jungle Lane

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the Jungle Lane is a vast area of the map that is filled with neutral monsters, also known as jungle creeps. These monsters provide gold and experience when defeated, and they are a crucial resource for the jungler, one of the five player roles in the game. The jungle is also home to a variety of buffs and objectives that can provide additional advantages to the team that controls them.

Name: Jungle
Suitable: 1 Player

Details about Jungle

Assassins have the highest damage and are recommended to farm in the jungle.

Despite their high mobility and single -target burst, Assassins are often weak in lanes. So its better they farm in the jungle in the early game and look for opportunities to take down enemies that are alone. Jungling footwear is also recommended, as it grants bonus creep rewards.

Note that Retribution is required to purchase the jungling footwear and enjoy the creep reward bonuses, though the rewards from minions will be reduced in the early game.

Battlefield Timeline

In the first 2 minutes, heroes equipped with Retribution will gain 15% Damage Reduction in the Allied Jungle.

Story about Jungle

Any creature in the Imperial Sanctuary can be a deadly threat, but there are exceptions. There is a group of wise and brave people who have unique hunting skills and equipment. They can easily kill the enemy even in the face of a large creature several times bigger than their own. They tirelessly harvest the lives of the creeps and sharpen their strength from battle after battle — people call them “Jungle Heroes.”

Responsibilities of the Jungler

  • Clear jungle camps: The jungler’s primary task is to clear jungle camps efficiently to gain gold and experience. This allows them to level up and purchase items, making them more powerful and better equipped to help their teammates.
  • Gank enemy lanes: The jungler can also gank enemy lanes to help them get kills and secure objectives. A successful gank can give a team a significant advantage in lane, and it can even snowball into a victory.
  • Secure objectives: The jungler is responsible for securing objectives such as turtles and turrets. These objectives provide gold and experience for the entire team, and they can also help to open up the map and create opportunities for ganks.
  • Counter-jungle: The jungler can also counter-jungle, which means invading the enemy’s jungle to steal their camps and buffs. This can disrupt the enemy jungler’s development and give your team an advantage.
  • Protect the team: The jungler should also be aware of their teammates’ needs and be ready to help them if they are being ganked or harassed.

Tips for Playing as a Jungler

  • Choose the right hero: Not all heroes are well-suited for the jungle role. Some heroes are better at farming, while others are better at ganking. Choose a hero that fits your playstyle and the team composition.
  • Plan your jungle path: It is important to have a plan for your jungle path, especially in the early game. This will help you clear camps efficiently and avoid wasting time.
  • Be aware of the minimap: The minimap is your best friend as a jungler. Use it to track the enemy jungler’s movements, and be ready to counter-jungle or gank if the opportunity arises.
  • Communicate with your team: Let your teammates know when you are ganking or counter-jungling so that they can coordinate with you.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help: If you are finding it difficult to clear camps or gank successfully, don’t be afraid to ask your teammates for help. A coordinated gank can be very effective.

Playing as a jungler can be a challenging but rewarding role. With practice and patience, you can become a master of the jungle and lead your team to victory.

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