Base in Mobile Legends

Base Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the Base is the most crucial structure in the game, representing the heart of each team’s territory. It serves as the final defensive line and the primary target for victory. The destruction of an enemy team’s Base signifies their defeat, resulting in a loss for that team.

Sight Range: 8-unit
Attack Range: 5-unit

Base Story

The Base is the last line of defense for the soldiers, which also symbolizes their highest faith. Legends say that many Heroes swore that as long as they draw breath, the enemy would never break through.

Location and Components

The Base is located at the furthest end of each team’s side of the map, guarded by a series of turrets that provide protection. These turrets are powerful defensive structures that automatically attack approaching enemies, making them formidable obstacles to overcome.

Crucial Role in Gameplay

The Base plays a central role in the game’s objectives and strategy. Teams must work together to defend their own Base while simultaneously planning and executing attacks on the enemy’s Base. Protecting the Base requires strategic positioning, teamwork, and effective resource management.

Symbol of Victory

The destruction of an enemy team’s Base marks the end of the match and determines the winner. This victory not only grants the winning team valuable in-game rewards but also serves as a testament to their teamwork, skill, and strategic prowess.

Significance in Mobile Legends

The Base represents the core objective of Mobile Legends, driving the gameplay and shaping strategic decisions. It is a symbol of each team’s resilience and determination, making its defense and destruction paramount to achieving victory.

Base Details

Building Sight

Grants sight over the surrounding 8 units destroyed.

Building Abilities

Launches an attack every 1s, dealing 560 True Damage.

Deals 75% increased damage for each successive attack on the same enemy hero (up to 20 bucks).

Gains 50% Damage Reduction when there are no enemy minions around.

Self Repair: Base restores 165 HP every 5s.

Base Stats

Initial AttributesGrowth/Min12 Min Attributes
Physical Defense40
Magic Defense40