Inner Turret In Mobile Legends

Inner Turret

Inner Turrets, also known as Middle Turrets, are the second line of defense in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. They are protected by Outer Turrets, they prevent enemy heroes from advancing too far into a team’s territory. They also protect Base Turrets.

Sight Range: 8-unit
Attack Range: 5-unit
Base Turret Protection: 8 min

Inner Turret Story

Inner Turrets are the backbone of the defense, as least that’s what they want to call themselves. Before they go out to battle, every squad has solemnly sworn that they would never be defeated before the Outer Turret ruined!

Location and Significance

Inner Turrets are located between the Outer Turrets and the Base Turrets, forming a second defensive barrier around each team’s base. They are significantly stronger than Outer Turrets, dealing more damage and possessing higher durability.

Primary Function

The primary function of Inner Turrets is to provide an additional layer of protection for the Base and the Outer Turrets. They automatically attack approaching enemies, prioritizing heroes over minions. Inner Turrets also regenerate health over time, making them difficult to destroy completely without proper coordination and strategy.

Impact on Gameplay

Inner Turrets have a significant impact on the gameplay of Mobile Legends. Destroying an Inner Turret allows a team to push further into the enemy’s territory, gain map control, and put pressure on the Outer Turrets and Base Turrets.

Symbol of Defense

Inner Turrets serve as a symbol of defense and resilience for each team. Their presence provides a sense of security and protection, while their destruction signifies a significant breakthrough in the enemy’s offensive.

Role in Achieving Victory

Protecting and destroying Inner Turrets are essential steps towards achieving victory in Mobile Legends. Teams must prioritize their defense and plan coordinated attacks to overcome the Inner Turrets’ formidable defenses.

Inner Turret Details

Building Sight

Grants sight over the surrounding 8 units until destroyed.

Launches an attack every 1s, dealing 360 True Damage.

Deals 75% increased damage for each successive attack on the same enemy hero (up to 20 stacks).

Gains 50% Damage Reduction when there are no enemy minions around.

Hardened Plate: If the Outer Turret of the same lane is destroyed in the first 8m, Inner Turret gains 50% Damage Reduction for 1m.

Inner Turret Stats

Initial AttributesGrowth/Min12 Min Attributes
Physical Defense20
Magic Defense20