Lord In Mobile Legends

Lord Mobile Legends

The Elemental Lord, also known as Lord, is a powerful neutral monster in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It serves as a significant objective in the game, granting substantial benefits to the team that defeats it.

First Spawn: After 8 min
Respawn Timer: 3 min
* Enhanced at 12 min, evolves at 18 min

Lord Story

The Ancient Ones created Elemental Lord by infusing Primal Lighting into seawater. The latter had since served as the guard of Sanctum Island, watching over the thunder beasts and imprisoned Evil gods. After the Ancient Ones disappeared, it lost self-consciousness and could barely maintain its form. It remains on the spot, waiting for its master’s returns.

Spawn and Respawn Of Lord

The Elemental Lord first spawns at 8 minutes of the game, appearing randomly in one of the two pits located in the river area of the map. It respawns every 3 minutes after being defeated.

Appearance and Abilities Of Lord

The Elemental Lord is a massive, imposing creature with a towering stature. It wields a powerful cudgel and possesses a range of formidable abilities that make it a formidable opponent.

Lord Mobile Legends Abilities

  • Basic Attack: Deals significant physical damage to nearby enemies.
  • Thunder Strike: Unleashes a powerful area-of-effect attack that deals true damage to enemies.
  • Ocean Force: Knocks multiple enemies airborne and deals true damage.

Gameplay With Lord

Defeating the Elemental Lord grants the team that vanquished it several crucial advantages:

  • Gold and Experience: The entire team receives a substantial amount of gold and experience, boosting their individual power and enabling faster item purchases.
  • Enhanced Lord: At 12 minutes, the Elemental Lord transforms into an Enhanced Lord, gaining increased damage and the ability to lunge toward enemy turrets, dealing true damage in a single strike. This enhanced form can rapidly destroy enemy turrets, making it a powerful tool for pushing lanes.
  • Lord Guardian: Upon defeat, the Elemental Lord respawns at the defeating team’s base, becoming a Lord Guardian. It assists the team in defending their base and pushing lanes, significantly increasing their offensive and defensive capabilities.

Strategies for Securing Lord

Securing the Elemental Lord requires teamwork, coordination, and strategic timing. Here are some effective strategies:

  • Secure Map Control: Gain control of the river area and the pits where the Lord spawns to prevent the enemy team from contesting the objective.
  • Gather Information: Monitor the enemy team’s movements and anticipate their intentions to avoid ambushes and secure the Lord without interference.
  • Prioritize Lord: Communicate effectively with teammates and prioritize securing the Lord over other objectives, as the benefits it provides can significantly impact the game’s outcome.
  • Protect the Lord: Once secured, protect the Lord from enemy attacks to prevent them from gaining the benefits it offers.

Lord Details

Creep Reward

Joins the killer’s team on the next Minion spawn, greatly increasing the attributes of the next 1 wave(s) of allied Minions, and will help the team push down the enemy’s weakest lane until it is defeated.

Becomes Enhanced at 12 minutes, after which the Summoned Lord gains the ability to charge at an enemy Turret, dealing True Damage equal to 50% of the Turret’s Max HP.

Element Lord Evolves at 18 minutes, after which the Neutral Lord gains 30% – 5% Damage Reduction (decreased as the number of nearby heroes increases) and allow nearby allies to deal 400 (+60% Total Physical Attack) (60% Total Magic Power) (3% Total HP) extra Magic Damage on their attacks. Cooldown: 2s.

Neutral Abilities

Attacks every 1s, dealing Physical Damage equal to (+20% Attack) plus 10% of the target’s Max HP.

Launches a Thunder Strike every 4s, dealing True Damage equal to 50 plus 15% of the target’s Max HP in a large area around the target.

Unleashes Ocean Force every 8s, dealing (+100% Attack) Physical Damage to nearby enemies and knocking them airborne for 1s after a short delay.

Lord Stats

Initial Attributes Growth/Min12 min Attributes
Physic Defense37
Magic Defense37